At MR COD the menu has been developed over many years to offer a wide variety of freshly cooked meals, and MR COD's excellent reputation is based on the following core products, plus new and exciting additions to suit local regional tastes.

MR COD FISH - One of our original products, and a true favourite with MR COD regulars. Additional locally sourced fish items, with local flavours, can be added to the menu to suit.

MR COD CHICKEN - is coated with a specially devised crispy seasoning. The combination of spices and flours and the special cooking method results in truly unbeatable chicken products.

MR COD CHIPS - we pride ourselves on our special method of cooking freshly prepared chips that are second to none.

The MR COD menu for take away and restaurant use, is geared to attract young single people, families looking for a take home meal, and of course our older generation who have enjoyed our products now for many years.

All main MR COD food items can be produced in a "halal" format.